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German Sausage (German sausage)

These are the most popular Sausages in Germany

Germany is known for its Sausage. Impressive is the variety of different varieties. We would like to introduce you to the most famous varieties here in the German Foods Shop.

German sausage – for the perfect barbecue party

In Germany, you can get to number one of the popularity lists everywhere: the Bratwurst. There are very different recipes. What they all have in common is that they in finely chopped Meat "Braet." Sometimes their are very long, but sometimes very small. What they all have in common is: They are perfectly to the open-air barbecue which is most popular all over Germany. You are planning a barbecue? Then the "Bratwurst" should not be missing!

Two alternatives presented-perfect for barbecue

While the "Bratwurst" is popular all over Germany, there are already a few differences to discover in terms of taste. In Thuringia, for example, one swears at the Thuringian Bratwurst. Further south towards the Franken, there are the "Nuremberg Rostbratwurst." What are the differences? The sausages from Nuremberg are more of a side dish and fit on every plate.

Because this "saustl" are barely a finger long. Traditionally you should eat Sauerkraut, salted potatoes and mustard. By contrast, the Thuringian Bratwurst is a real giant – tasteful and visual. This Bratwurst, served with some white bread or a broetchen. Your guests really fed up to your barbecue.

Every butcher in Germany has its own recipe. Even the big manufacturers all taste a little different.  Discover the diversity in our Online Shop!

What's in it in the German sausage?

Real German sausage is always made from Pork. The Meat is crushed first. After that, it is stuffed into a pig Intestine. Now, there are the subtle differences. Because with the sausage, it always depends on the right mixture of spices.  The main ingredients are Salt and Pepper. Garlic, cumin, Onion, mustard and marjoram are also mixed into the sausage. The crowd matters in any case. This remains a secret of the various manufacturers.

Sausage for all Situations of life – we wish you a good appetite!

In addition to the Bratwurst, which is perfect for barbecue, there are many other varieties. Examples are Raw sausage, Brewing sausage and Cooking Sausage. All these Varieties can be used fresh, for example as a spread. For Preparation, you cut the sausage into slices ("Cold cuts") or even can swipe it directly onto the bread. Another German handmade specialty Is finished: The Sausage Cuts or even "Wurstbemme" called."

Currywurst – a Berlin Specialty – invented by the Berlin Chef Hertha Heuwer.

White Sausage – This Brew Sausage is made with veal and parsley. Just like the Bockwurst it will be cooked before consumption!

Who invented the Sausage?

This is not entirely clear. Sausage has been eaten since ancient times, in ancient China as well. So the sausage has tasted the mankind thousands of years. No wonder! Because with the sausage, meat can be preserved for a long time. You didn't have to starve that way even without a fridge. By the way, the so-called "Smoked Sausage" lasts the longest.