Germans Order chocolate – online here

German chocolate is a real quality product. It is also appreciated by lovers worldwide. No wonder that in Germany many international Chocolate Manufacturers have their seat. Because chocolate from Germany is like never before. Now you can order the variety of these products directly here in the Online Shop.

What is the Advantage of your direct Order?

Here in the shop we have a really wide range of products. To part there are only those on the German Market. Here you have the opportunity to order them directly from Germany. German Chocolate is delivered directly from Germany in not more as three days if you want.

In addition, we have provided you with a special selection of the most delicious varieties in the shop. This means that you can order the most famous brands on the one hand. On the other hand, you have the chance to discover lesser-known Specialties. It’s worth it, to taste different flavors.

German Chocolate is never boring! Experience classic varieties here and an incredible variety!

Whether Hazelnut, Yoghurt, Chilli or TruffleGerman Chocolate can be so versatile! The lovers of chocolate in Germany swear of taste variety when enjoying. Early on, the Ritter Sport brand has decided to bring more variety in your assortment. Because whether it's Nougat, Mousse, Strawberry or Macadamiaexperience the world of sweets.

The Milka brand soon moved after – with an incredible amount of flavors. In addition, manufacturers provide seasonal hits available to their customers. There's typical Christmas chocolate during the season. In Summer, fruits or refreshing yogurt flavor are at the top of the popularity scale.

German Chocolate: What's in it?

Each manufacturer vows to his very own secret recipe. The various added flavors are playing an increasingly important role. Fundamentally the Cocoa is in every Chocolate. The proportion of Cocoa and Cocoa butter varies from product to product. What many don't know: also something Caffeine is found in the Chocolate.

Add fat from the cocoa bean and sugar.  Sugar is important to get a sweet taste because the Cocoa is in natural state bitter. Ultimately, the manufacturers mix milk powder into it. Otherwise, the Chocolate could not be shipped in dry form as a bar!

We look forward to your sweet order!